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If you’re here because of the web site address on a jar of our honey – thank you for your purchase! I hope you enjoy the taste of quality local honey from beehives in NE Hampshire (UK).

If you bought our honey from a stall, and would like more, we also sell our honey direct from the door – our address is on every jar of honey. Just call around, we usually have some on a shelf outside the house – there’s a “Honey For Sale” sign up, so you can’t miss us!

I’ve been a beekeeper for over 25 years, and am still learning! Like most UK beekeepers (there’s about 44,000 of us) I manage Honey Bee colonies as a fascinating hobby, with any income made from the sale of honey going to help look after my hives and their honeybee colonies.

Have a browse around the site, there’s lots of beekeeping information available in books and online, so I provide information that’s relevant to the honey you’ve bought from me, my style of beekeeping and anything else that I find interesting!

Interested in beekeeping, and live in NE Hampshire (UK)?
Along with Beekeeping friends, I run a beekeeping course offered by Fleet & District Beekeepers Association.

A member of a local group, school, club or charity in NE Hampshire, and would like a talk about beekeeping?
We offer talks to local groups about beekeeping and honeybees.

Graham & Catherine

Honey for sale.
You can contact me via email on:, via our Facebook Page, or at the door – see the address on any jar of our honey.